Frequently Asked Questions

Why is the site HTTP and not HTTPS?

Currently, the site is in open-beta. Therefore, many features (specifically, anything outside of conflict stats) are not fully fleshed out, and are very much subject to change. If you check the site daily, you will notice how often we re-map entire sub-domains on the fly.

Why do you need an FAQ page?

These questions were asked frequently, so we thought it would be more convenient to list them here along with the answers

Are form submissions and doing Discord-Oauth "safe" with HTTP?

Short answer: No. Long Answer: Still no, but this site doesn't serve anything particularly important, yet. Even if someone experienced were to gain access to the admin panel, they wouldn't be able to achieve anything, since those features are purposefully not connected with the API/Backend.

When will the site be done?

We can't give a definitive answer to that, as the scope of this project has grown exponentially ever since it went live on the 8th of September, with more and more features being added since. Originally, it was only meant to display stats for global wars. Then, it evolved into a tool to display other interesting statistics with the data we were collecting but not using. Then, we decided to add a member backend, and then an alliance command panel. In just three weeks, the code base grew three times over, and hopefully we'll be done soon.